bad day..

I've heard over and over - listen to your body, some days will be harder than others. I heard my body loud and clear this morning, and just a half-mile into my planned 5.25 miles. There was the piercing ache in my right side, my shins making themselves known and my breath escaping my lungs but not returning. I know, sounds like I'm overreacting in massive proportions. Maybe I am.

Maybe my muscles are still recovering from my Pilates class yesterday? Though I always go to Pilates on Fridays before my Saturday runs.

Maybe I didn't drink enough water yesterday? I'm sure last night's salty homemade popcorn didn't help.

Maybe it was just a bad day.

I ran/walked my way home, not evening breaking the one mile mark. I'm going to stretch, drink a few gallons (exaggeration) of water and try again tomorrow.

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  1. "...try again tomorrow" -- that's the best attitutde to have! You'll have days like that. I use them for motivation, writing inspiration, and to have a reason to throw something once in a while :)

    Keep it up!