my first freak out.

I think I've mentioned - my weekday runs are still short, while my weekend runs get longer with each one. So for my short weekday runs [20 minutes right now] I generally stick to the same path along a couple main streets. They're well lit and traveled, both good qualities for an after sunset run. But tonight, I finished my route and was still 2 minutes shy on my time. And I have this route planned at exactly 20 minutes every time. So, I'm feeling good - I've picked up my pace a little bit, I'm feeling strong... and then I check my e-mail. As a Team In Training participant I have a running coach who keeps in regular contact with running tips, injury check-ups and of course, the group run schedule for the coming weekend.

And I'm scared.

20. No problem.
30. Done.
40. That too.
60. Here's where my first freak out happens.

And yes, I realize I am training to run 13 miles, which will surely take me more than 60 minutes. But that's in May - it seems forever and a day from this weekend in February. And an hour is a long time. It's an entire episode of Grey's Anatomy, with no fast forwarding through the commercials. The clock will do a full circle before I finish.

Oi. Wish me luck.


i'm running, but i'm still a girly girl

So here's been my challenge these last few weeks - having enough daylight to get my runs in before the sky turns dark at 7 p.m. That's the thing about winter - it's dark in the morning and dark evening. And I'm in the office during the sunshine! Although in full disclosure, it'd be hard for me to get up and run that early in the morning even if there was enough light. I am just not a morning girl, nor am I a wash-my-hair-and-ready-in-15-minutes girl. I like my sleep. I like my bathroom time. I don't care who knows it. So thankfully, I'm at the start of my training [week #3] and my weekday runs are still short. And I'm noticing the sky stays lightish a few minutes longer each day. But you know - the lighter the sky gets each day, the longer my runs will be!


this is why i run.

I just received an e-mail from Mallory that Luke [the strong little guy mentioned in my note] is battling a virus and high fever. With his supressed immune system - this is a scary time for his family. Please lift him up in your prayers. You can read his story/journal here.

it's cold in indiana!

Someone asked me recently if I ran on a treadmill at the gym. Nope, I'm adding a layer of fleece, covering my ears and heading outside. Turns out, I'm enjoying running in the cold! I even got Brett out for a run with me last night. Although at my pace and with my short little legs, it was more of a running walk for him! [He's 6'3"]


the first mile.

I had my first training run yesterday morning, at 7:30 a.m.! It was the first 2 miles I've ran in, well, longer than I care to admit. I felt good though. And today... my legs are pretty sore, but I'm looking forward to my next run. That's a new feeling - to be looking forward to running!