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I started to think about training a couple weeks ago. Which means I spent some time reacquainting myself with the treadmill one Saturday morning, and I bought some new running clothes. It may sound ridiculous - it did to me at first - but spending a little bit of money on good equipment (read: cotton-free everything and fit-to-your-foot-by-someone who knows what he (or she) is talking about shoes) helps. A lot. I suggest raiding the clearance rack at Dick's Sporting Goods. Having well-fitting, good-looking running clothes doesn't mean dropping THAT much money on a pair of running tights. Seriously. They do not flatter thee thighs. And personally, I'd much rather spend THAT much money on a fabulous pair of boots or new skirt!

So anyhoo - I digress. (If you know me in real life you are not surprised right now.)

I did actually do more than just think about training. I ran! Two whole miles. My training program with The Running Company starts on Saturday, and I didn't want to show up having not put the left foot in front of the right foot, at an above-normal pace, in several more months than I care to admit. I made it a running date with my old roommate, it'd been too long since we'd gotten together to chat. We successfully accomplished both. Catching up with her was great, and chatting for two miles helped us both keep pace.

A couple observances so far. First, this part is familiar. The anticipation, completing the first mile(s), feeling like I own those thirteen(pointone)miles. The day-after sore muscles (Yes, I stretched!). I know there will be some hard days when the feet don't really want to keep going and my breath can't come fast enough. The difference is I now know I will get through them. Second, I just feel stronger. I've been going to Pilates class once a week for much of the past year. And having moved downtown last summer, I walk more often than I drive. While I know those two activities alone are not enough to keep me in tip top shape and good health, it's more than I was doing before I started training last year. I'm going to up the Pilates class to twice a week while I'm training, and since I'm fortunate to have a pretty decent workout room in my apartment building, I'm going to make use of it. I know now that having a strong core is key to my being a strong runner.

One last thing, if you're still with me. Visit my friend Joyce and give her a shout out of support too. She's taking on these thirteen(pointone)miles too, and I found a few smiles spread across my face while reading through her posts.

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