spring's cameo

It was a balmy 55 degrees with a hint of sunshine on Sunday afternoon. I'm sure that weather was special-ordered for the beating of the New York Jets by our Indianapolis Colts. (HelLO Super Bowl XLIV!) Monday morning we awoke to a friendly reminder that it IS January, and this IS Indiana. I had another friendly reminder staring me in the face all day: my training schedule.

Week 1 - Monday: Run 30 minutes or 2 miles.

Last time around I mentioned that I preferred running outside in the cold to running on a treadmill. But for the most part our winter was considerably un-Indiana like last year and I wasn't sure how I'd handle below freezing temps paired with the white stuff. No time to dwell though, by afternoon the snow was falling, the wind was blowing and I see this come up on my Facebook newsfeed from the 500 Festival.

With the winter weather hitting Indianapolis again, don't be afraid to train in the snow. A few tips would be to run with a partner and wear moisture-wicking fabrics on the inside and moisture-shedding fabrics on the outside. Also, don't worry about running fast, just cover the distance. The extra fabrics will slow you down but add resistance.

Well darn't, no excuse now. Plus, I did spend a few dollars at Dick's Sporting Goods in recent weeks on cold weather running attire. So I ran. It was cold. And my Droid was not playing music as I had instructed it to do. (Must set up playlists on my iPod. Must.) The very rare human sighting resulted in odd stares that said "I'm walking my dog, what's your excuse?" But you know, I'm going to stand by my claim of cold-weather running. The snow in my face sucked, true. But the cold kept me running, it was my source of warmth.

I did 2 miles instead of 30 minutes. But I did 2 miles, which is 2 miles more than I ran last week. And 2 miles closer to 13. Oh happy cold day in Indiana.

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