the foot, pt. 1

I joked about running in my high heels in my Top 10 Reasons to Run a Half-Marathon.

Funny thing is - I might not be too far off. My foot continued to hurt throughout the week when walking a moderate distance in anything other than heels. And my moderate distance I mean across a room. But if I wore heels it hurt considerably less, almost not at all. Messed up? Yes, I know. So I took the rest of the week off from my training runs. Today, I felt pretty good. And a 90-minute run in the gorgeous sunshine beckoned.

In the first couple miles, the foot was really more of an annoyance - I ran through it fine. By mile 5, I was in tears and Brett was on his way to pick me up.

So tomorrow, the physician beckons. My foot is swollen, aching and I can't very well make the necessary motion in my foot to walk.

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