Wii Fit might be right.

Please forgive my obvious detour from running in that last post. It was at least in the same fitness genre.

So my darn sinuses kept me from running over the weekend. I instead slept most of it away, and lived on a cycle of dayquil - nyquil - dayquil - nyquill. Monday I felt 95% better, and it was a balmy 50-some degrees when I got home from work. So out I went with my roommate.

Goal - 70 minutes. Actual - 65 minutes. [And I admit to taking a few minutes along the way to walk.]

I'm a falling apart people! [Perhaps Wii Fit was on to something after all.]

My knees were giving me fits during my run. And chatting with my friend the physical therapist - she thinks I might have/be developing a bit of tendonitis in my knees. Of course I would be! Tendonitis in my wrists plagued me throughout my cheerleading days. At it's worst flair up the sports medicine people fitted my wrist for an immobilizer. My right wrist. For an entire week.

So I'm following doctor's orders and will be applying ice after my long runs from here out.

Also, I have some major cramping in my left foot. I even passed up on my high heels in favor of ballet flats today. And let's just say the walk from my office to the cafe across the hall.... The thought alone is painful.

Okay - my apologies once again for the complaints filled post. That's sometimes the problem with a blog. I sign in and am given this blank text box to fill with anything I want. Dangerous territory I say!


  1. Hello I am Running Thirteen Miles,

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  2. Hi Liz, thanks for the note!

    The Give & Get is an awesome program -- and talk about a fabulous reason to go shopping!