inside my brain.

I did it -- and I can't tell you all how good it felt to finish my first 60 minute run. Because honestly I doubted myself on this one. [Thanks to all of you for giving me your vote of confidence. It really did help because I didn't want to come home and not have finished the whole 60 minutes!]

And since I didn't have a running partner this morning, I was left to the thoughts in my own head and Beth's music mix. [Thanks Beth -- fabulous mix!!!]

Minute 5. Crap, it's really cold out here.
Minute 10. Oh so many cute puppies out running with their owners!!
MInute 13. Seriously, how will I ever do 13 miles.
Minute 15. I have to cover this same distance further before I can even turn around!
Minute 22. Where is that next mile marker?!?!
Minute 27. No. Really.
Minute 30. Now, I'm getting somewhere - I'm heading back home!!
Minute 40. I can do this.
Minute 41. I can do this.
Minute 42. I can do this.
Minute 45. Is that the Kessler bridge up ahead? [HUGE smile]
Minute 51. I can't wait to get home and tell people I actually did this.
Minute 55. Maybe I'll be able to run 13 miles afterall. I still have 2 months before the race.
Minute 60. Okay, still glad to be done with that. Until next weekend.


  1. BIG, HUGE, SMILES! :) Ditto to Beth's mix!

  2. Glad you like the mix! It has been helping me keep on pace. This cold is killing me. My entire body warms up within the first 10 minutes, but my lungs are killing me! So way to go Karissa! You rock!

    Come on warm weather!!!

  3. Beth Share! Whats on the Mix?