Meet Wii Fit.

I recently got Wii Fit. And it is hilarious. Really!

So I'm doing my fitness stats.

Age? I'm 26 thank you.
Height? Yep, I'm five feet tall.
Weight? Yea, I get it. [And SO not publishing that to internet!]

Now on to the part where I have to do something. So I stand on the Wii balance board and try to make my center of balance, as indicated by the red dot, match up with a machine. This isn't as easy as it looks people!! Result -- My red dot is like 1.2 centimeters to the right and it asks me if I have troubles walking!

A couple more and it spits out my Wii Fit age.

Drum roll, puh-leeze....

I'm 46.

Oh whatever. I'll show that Wii Fit!!

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